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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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several breaking stories in maryland, including home shooting in fort washington. join us from will the scene with the latest. >> another funeral will be held the victims off the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> more than 100 people were detained for spreading rumors might end on friday. " atd morning washington
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5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. tuesday, december 18. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. let's get to a meteorologist jacqui jeras. , but it's working its way out. it will improve gradually day, so bethe patient. half of the day looks a lot better. you can see the clouds lingering. we have a little patchy fog developed across the area. well off to our west. possibility of this morning as well. 50 degrees in manassas, 48 in culpeper, and 55 in fredericksburg, 48 in gaithersburg. for today, clouds and fog will t through midmorning. turning mostly cloudy by noon, 58 degrees. cloudy by 5:00 with 53 degrees. the seven-day
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forecast, in a few minutes. first, traffic with jamee whitten. >> good morning. a quiet start. o problems on interstate 95 in virginia. no. the through stafford and our and over theg inoquan and here we are springfield. 395.e trip continues on to the beltway is running without any problems in virginia and maryland. in maryland on 95, 295 at the b- parkway, and john hanson by bowie, of annapolis and all quiet. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to breaking news following out of adelphi. there's a barricade situation in progress at an apartment complex. >> a bizarre story. taking place in the 1800 block greenwichwood drive. brianne carter her is joining us live.
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good morning. large police presence on the scene. we are inside an apartment complex in adelphi. what authorities are telling us around 10:30 last night u.s. marshals came to this apartment warrant.eserves a prince george's county police called in to assist in a barricade situation. it has been going on several hours. but they believe a suspect is apartments.f these they believe that suspect is a and considered armed and dangerous. police remain here on the scene. they have evacuated that .partment building anybody lives in that building not able to get inside at this time. been here several hours trying to negotiate in this barricade situation. residents coming home late at y in the morning into theiret back apartments, we spoke with a one- has been sitting in his figure out when he
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will be able to go home. >> i saba, gone home. i asked them what it was going on and they said they were not allowed to give out that was wanting to go home. get we're not being able to i live here.hen >> police not giving us any more from asian about the warrant or about the suspect. about an identity released at this a very large police presence. -- police are not giving us any information. >> thanks so much. , stemminging news home invasion. in the 9100 block of loflin road in fort washington. on the scene is with the latest. >> reports of shots fired around
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morning in the fort washington neighborhood made up of single-family homes. it appears to be a home invasion. focusing their efforts inside this home where you see a christmas tree in the living-room. saywhere police multiple armed suspects broke into don't. the homeowner, a man in his was inside at the time 16-year-wife and their old daughter. that man confronted the armed suspect. , but ishot in the back the armed suspect made it out of with a jewelry and cash. we spoke with relatives of the family. they say this family has lived about 12 years. they don't understand why them.e would try to get too early in the to say if this was attack or isolated. police are focusing their efforts on an upstairs bedroom.
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from what we conceive at street suspects broke home and it appears to be a robbery and a home invasion. a homeowner was shot in the back was rushed to hospital and survive.ed to in about a half-hour we will from those relatives. reporting live from fort gonzalez., john >> google service is will be today for a third student killed in a friday's school shooting in newtown, connecticut. this comes as students in the schoolty will return to sandy for those attending hook elementary. now more. >> the first funerals were held of friday'sictims shooting at sandy hook elementary. jackwo six-year-olds noah pozner and jack pinto or laid to rest. >> he was a very. . when she told him i love you, he
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as i lovenot as much you. >> there was not a dry eye when .he mother spoke tremendous passion and feeling.s i think everyone was touched. >> family and friends also remembered little jack pinto, a wrestler. many of his friends arrived at sweatneral wearing shirts. d in a new york giants jersey. has forever changed. we are here for the pintos. >> most newtown students will to school this morning. at sandy hook will not. trucks headed to a neighboring town to reopen in a former middle school. >> the backpacks they left behind are on the truck.
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they will try to make it as close to possible as the classroom they left. no official date as to when against.k will open >> stay with abc 7 news and we will continue to bring you developments in the school shooting. it wrecks authorities need your help today to find a man suspected of sexually girl inng a 15-year-old woodbrige. a man posing as a cable company worker president of the girl to homoe where he knife point. be in his 20s to , last seenum build wearing a gray jacket, richard, black pants, and black dress shoes. attacked the girl at knifepoint. >> there appear to be more in talks to try to avoid the fiscal c
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>> international breaking news y, ntc'sl richard correspondent. >> reports that he was kidnapped. not been commented the search was on
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r him and all its production crew. is they haveyria been found and they are safe and sound. five days ago thursday the members ofd all five by someew were captured in syria, some rebels. they held them five days in a secret location. were blindfolded and bound and for five days. they were transporting the crew on monday when they were stopped at a checkpoint by some police officers. firefight. two of the captives were killed. richard and the rest of his crew not harmed in the incident left the country and now and save scare. we do know that the network is saying they are thankful for prayers. richard is safe and sound and out of harm's way.
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back to you. >> thank you. now to jacqui jeras. good morning. to find out what's happening with the forecast. >> a little patchy fog this morning. not nearly as bad as out there but it's especially west of the metro. it will shape up to be a pretty decent day overall. trying to get you into the spirit. we have been putting meteorologist adam caskey out see some holiday lights. g us from the mormon temple. >> live at the visitor center ofsecurities as christ latter-day saints. display.light and a wholerounds parking lots have been list of banned its put a big smile on my face. color of the spectrum is on the trees out here. looks like on every branch of the visitor center grounds. over 600,000 lights.
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of 100,000pgrade from last year. these are all l.e.d. lights, by the way. big money savings and energy savings and good for the environment. starting back on december 2, have had nightly concerts', so it's more than just the lights to see. nightly concerts'. a mild start friday in kensington. it's 47 degrees. elsewhere, we are in the 40's. 50 at reagan national. highs today should be well into the 50's. partly sunny. we will have sunshine. already i season starts in the sky. breezy, wind out of the northwest. gusty. be you will notice cooler temperatures ahead. look at the roads now. >> looking good. doing fine in virginia and the district. 0 lanes are open. a little foggy. maryland on route 1 hundred,
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have closed the eastbound of route 100 headed from 295, the b-w parkway. eckart has rolled over. -- a car has rolled over. >> it's 49 degrees. >> learn when president obama is
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>> with two weeks until the there appears to be progress toward a deal. obama and house speaker john boehner met at the .hite house on monday sources say the president has curtail future cost- for socialncreases recipients and he has dropped his demand that individuals making more than $200,000 pay higher taxes. now he is seeking higher tax of incomes of over $400,000. obama hopes to two toply announce cabinet picks on friday. officials say oft depends on the status the fiscal cliff talks. the president is expected to toinate senator john kerry succeed hillary clinton as state and is said of johnnsidering one former senate defense
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>> it's 5:18 right now. were dealing fog yesterday morning. much this morning in the metro. areas of to tt.he wes t as dense as of yesterday. no advisories right now, but it littleimit you a especially in low-lying areas. everything is done and you are moving along and then there is the fog. 50 degrees desired temperature, nice mild to start. a little hazy from our rooftop camera. definitely cloudy. at our temperatures elsewhere, still pretty good. the map.forties on 48 in manassas and at dulles, 48 inithersburg, 46 frederick. 40's off to our west. 43 in winchester. visibility is just fine in the , 10 miles.
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dew point 5 miles in gaithersburg. 0.3 in parts of martinsburg and hagerstown, that's where you get more concerned on the road. looking at the satellite and stars few can outside. you could get a few sprinkles t of that later this morning. temperatures feeling , mid 50's toverall upper 50's today. you can see cooler air behind the cold front. 65 degrees expected in raleigh. a puddle northwest wind this be breezy atl on today.r pressure will arrive. system will hookup oklahoma and head into the plains. ledger and conditions christmas for the the plains. around here, morning sprinkles
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giving way to afternoon 55-60.g, 28-35 tonight, mostly clear. next chance of rain is on thursday. cooler and breezy on friday. moving?things >> pretty well. in from the west, 66, no problems in loudoun county. minor crashed on i-95 in virginia on the hov lanes, moved the shoulder. northbound 95 through the fairfax county parkway, causing distraction. toward springfield and the travel lanes are open. on route 100, an accident with an overturned car. they shut down the eastbound side. if you take that leaving the b-w parkway, they will turn your around. westbound is able to get through. around thespots andrews.ear route 4 and route 5 are quiet. back to you. >> thank you.
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are postinggle maps a pretty big numbers. >> don't be surprised to see onn ad otograph in instagram. paula faris has more. you may be starring in ad.agram it is thinking about running ads with your photographs in them your user name and the newta, it's in terms of service. s wil paytiser , but not you. -- will pay instagram. hulu doubled the number of in the lastribers nine months. how much did iphone and ipad users miss google maps? 10 million downloads of the new the first 48 hours. next fiveithin the years, computers will be able to just and even touched not
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smartphones and do a betterwill than human beings.
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>> there goes jackson. >> monday night football highlights. chris johnson's 94-yard touchdown. rest of the game was a mess. mark sanchez of the jets went 13 for 28 and a fumble. that was good for a quarterback of 32 points. tim tebow did throw one passed, incomplete, and he had a higher .ating the jets are officially out of the playoff picture. disappointedeople about mark sanchez. update on r.g. iii
5:27 am
m brant.redskins from ti >> per cousin's 1-0 as a starter and filled in admirably the browns, but r.g. iii will start against the eagles on philadelphia. he was upset when the skins clevelandd him in after doctors and trainers worked him out and tested his knee before the game. was quick. listen to mike shanahan. >> he will be adulterated day- by-day. lot of treatment. he looks good, as i think a lot saw him before the game. is an improvement today. hopefully, it's not wrong when him.octors ok >> i think it's clear if the doctors to give their ok, he will play. the second-ranked passer in nfl, one of the most dangerous and exciting runners. while the redskins don't want to future, theis the nfc have not won
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east since 1999, so the future is now. have a great day. >> it's 5:27, 49 degrees. if we have a lot more news at 5:30. to fall breaking stories in maryland, including a home
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. ahead, a long night in adelphi. a barricade situation that is force neighbors out of their homes. good morning, washington. tuesday, december 18. i am scott thuman. i am cynne simpson. we will get straight to
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meteorologist jacqui jeras. mild temperatures this morning. advisory has now few countiesor a in west virginia and northern ireland. hagerstown, cumberland, martinsburg. visibility expected to be below at times.mile doing fine in the metro. temperatures steel grates. 48 at dulles and 50 at reagan national. if upper 50's this afternoon. clearing skies be a blustery afternoon after a dreary start. time for traffic and weather jamee whitten. , soe's wet pavement watch your step. better news in maryland. 1 hundred has been shut eastbound headed from the parkway moving east. they have reopened that heading the scene of the accident. shut down had been
5:33 am
eastbound. the ramp from the inbound 11th n street navyto yard has been closed with an accident. virginia, an in accident and had been on the is blocking the right lane. ison northbound 95 everybody slowing down to get by there. back to you. >> thank you. i want to get some breaking news we are following this morning. a barricade situation now ins happening right the 1800 block of greenwich wood , in adelphi. brianne carter is on the scene. updated us earlier this now has more information. >> good morning. we still have a very large presence in adelphi. understand from authorities that negotiations are continuing between police and the suspect. this all began about 10:30 last
5:34 am
night. that's when u.s. marshals came complexthis apartment to serve a warrant. prince george's county police were called in to assist. sometime after that, a barricade situation began. police believe a suspect is armed inside one of the apartments. some residents inside the same been evacuated. people have not been able to get back into their came home late night and early this morning. in their carsng in an adjacent parking lot to where this is taking place. one man said his wife is still inside their apartment. not able to get back him. police have blocked its off. said his biggest concern was family was ok. >> right now i am just concerned family, concerned about my wife the whole night. >> issue in the apartments?
5:35 am
>> yes, she is. >> so they have not told her to leave? no. she's ok. .> that's the good news >> that is good. >> the man was returning home from work. he has not been able to get back into his apartment. between polices going. suspect on as far as information about going on andwas type of warrant, that is from not releasing any about the identity of the suspect. still a lot of activity here at this apartment complex. reporting live, brianne carter. >> thank you. more breaking news on tuesday morning. invasion and shooting in of loflin road in fort washington. the scenenzalez is on latest on what's happening. the report of a shooting at
5:36 am
in thiss morning neighborhood of single-family homes. o be a homet invasion. police are focusing their cytostome where see there's a christmas .ree in the living-room glass door is covered with fingerprint powder. upstairs, police have been spending a lot of time taking pictures. the blinds in one of the severely damaged, a this home is where multiple armed suspects made their way inside. it is still not clear if they broke in or were let into the home. the time there was a man, wife, anders 16-year-old daughter. 40's confronted these armed suspects. when he was shot in the back. the suspects took off with cash and jewelry. we spoke with relatives who arrived at the scene a short ago.
5:37 am
they tell us the family has about 12 years, they system.alarm police are trying to figure out this was a random attack or if this family was targeted. >> my brother-in-law was shot in e back in a home invasion. know. all i to get into speaks sister now. police have been canvassing neighborhood with dogs and d rifles looking for these suspects. right now, no arrests. the homeowner shot in the back is expected to survive. wife and daughter were not harmed. that is the latest from fort washington. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. 5:37 is the time. let's get to jummy olabanji. >> she has been tracking thelopments regarding ho was in of iraq, w overnight.l
5:38 am
>> a spokesman tells the president press that had a stroke. no details on where he was when had a stroke. earlier, the reports said that taken to a hospital last night for extreme fatigue. a medical team in baghdad is stabilizing his condition. doctors have not decided talabani will continue in baghdad or be prone toill r country for treatment. we are keeping a close eye on story this morning. , we will passs along. back to you. >> thank you. 49 degrees, 5:30. >> much more ahead. another controversy for
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[playing joy to the world] ♪ >> beer with the salvation army, give generously of our familiar kettles. -- we are with the salvation army. good morning, washington. >> that was festive. it's 5:41, 50 degrees. we will go to meteorologist adam
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with a holiday light display. an unparalelled light display at the church of jesus christ of saints at the visitor center. abouts open nightly from 5:30 p.m.. about 10:30 p.m. not only do they have a million lights of but nightly concerts well. performances. are nondenominational performances, from various performances just representing this church. lights, a beautiful colors, 600,000. they start putting these. up in these f volunteers.o they start this on saturdays. workingl-time folks here keep at it during the weekdays, but it starts back august. over half a million l.e.d.
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lights wrapped around these branches. and they have switched up the color scheme this year compared past.ears i have noticed more purple and white especially along the roof.r center they have actually switched its also incite the visitor center. artwork and the manger s changed a little. have a life-size manger scene outside which we will show the 6:00 hour. temperatures, 47 degrees, mile. average low temperature is d even a fewing an w that in the suburbs. are well above freezing this morning and it's going to be a mild afternoon. high temperature approaching 60 degrees in spots. in fredericksburg. near 60 this afternoon. partly sunny and breezy. l notice a northwesterly wind. another mile day tomorrow. forecast is coming .p with jacqui
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this puts a smile on my face, jamee. >> you make me want to go there. that looks fabulous. good deal. virginia, quiet around the beltway, maryland, not so much. there's a change. police arriving to the scene of on the beltway in bethesda. looking at the outer loop westbound leaving silver spring 270.eaded to they are trying to get some cars over to the left shoulder. activity in the center. that will slow was down. already seeing delays coming pass to georgia avenue and before you avenue to 270. back to you. >> thank you. 5:44. we're getting another chance to gifts.e of the hottest >> giving you a chance to win
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u deluxe set.wii enter by 5:00 p.m. thursday and announce a winner friday morning here on "good morning ."shington >> looking at 49 degrees. >> the world's oldest woman has died less than two weeks after >> the world's oldest woman has died less than two weeks after inheriting[ laughter ]
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d.c. councilman marion barry is touring up controversy again. comments it is about finest.he city's some police officers need to get in better shape. witnessed an officer huffing d not able to keep up with a suspect running away him, recently. he called on police chief cathy lanier to take action. >> they ought to have a vigorous program so the officers shape for these guys elk run you every time. she-pac of the near fired "the disparity officers who put their lives on is line for our community disgraceful." at him.ired back >> extending library hours, they
5:50 am
be open seven days a week until 9:00 p.m. most weeknights according to plan. >> an iowa woman who recently the world's oldest person has died. she was 115 years old. granddaughters is a homemaker mother cleaned houses until she was 90. she lived independently until s 110. a japanese man is now believed be the world's oldest person. one of the longest serving s in u.s.f congres history has died. longtime hawaii's senator monday ofuye died respiratory complications at medical center in bethesda. he was 88. the democrat was elected to the 1959 and moved to the senate three years later. awarded the medal of duringor his heroism r ii bill where he lost his right arm. >> south carolina governor nikki has chosen tim scott to be
5:51 am
the next u.s. senator. he will become the first black from then senator state since reconstruction. he will serve the remaining zero years -- remaining four years of jim demint's term. nikki haley chose scott for his conservatism. e enjoyingericans ar alcohol. and some late hours for the on christmasrkers day. linda bell joins us for a second thosehis morning for stories. us have had to work on christmas day. some mcdonnell workers may have christmas work to boost december sales. mcdonald's workers.
5:52 am
according a report that says employees don't even get paid overtime for working on the holidays. foode grocery stores, prices have been rising at a faster pace. that's bad news for us. good news for retailers like kroger and family dollar. to boost be able prices 3% next year. sales of alcohol are on the rise. u.s. spirits sales are up 10% with twice a year at time. industry innovation is one of key factors, led by products as jack daniel's, on demand forsumer bourbon. is business news from linda bell. back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:52. jacqui jeras is joining us for the weather. >> be temperatures are some.
5:53 am
it was warm outside at 3:00 in was walkingwhen i the dog. beautiful. >> i want to see some pictures of this dog barking at 3:00 a.m. >> it is warm out there and it will be for the next couple days, but there is a cooldown in first, what you need to know is that the weather service has advisory fore fog few counties in west virginia maryland, including martinsburg, hagerstown, cumberland. visibility will be down below a quarter mile at times. the rest of us still have a little patchy fog, does not bad as yesterday. visibility at 6 miles at dulles. dew points 5 miles in gaithersburg. 0.3 miles where the advisories are. 50 degrees this morning. dew point of 46, wind out of the south southwest at 3 miles an hour. of 40's.
5:54 am
54 in annapolis. 48 in dallas. culpeper, 48 degrees. the satellite and radar showing sprinkles and light rain moving through. pickup a fraction of an inch. clouds will linger with maybe a butsprinkles this morning, clearing this afternoon. at temperatures will remain mild the mid to upper 50's. down as the next wanamaker approaches. control usre will through tomorrow. comes the next big storm. will be a small maker in the plane's. morning clouds and sprinkle way to some clearing this 65-60 degreesezy, afternoon, well above average. mostly clear, 28-35 tonight. sunshine tomorrow, 54. the big drop in temperatures with the next cold front. 40's by the weekend. >> the maryland beltway has problems. dealing with a crash. additional help has arrived.
5:55 am
only the far right getting by. this is the outer loop of beltway. it's after connecticut avenue and before 270. we're watching that closely. back to you. >> thank you. we will check back with you. 5:55 is the time, 48 degrees. >> preparing for the big ball
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augmentation. most search for overall, tummy tuck. lunar probes and by crashing into the moon. engineers intentionally the spacecraft into the lunar surface. thefinal resting place near moon's north pole was dedicated pioneering after not sally ride. they circled the moon nearly a year mapping the lunar gravity field. detained 101lice rumors of spreading the world that the impending end. officers confiscated leaflet, dvd's and other propaganda in arrest across eight provinces. comes at of -- at a friday, the date some say the mine and prophesied the end of the world. plans continue for the famous drop in times square. >> will learn the ball will have 288


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